Our Services

PATS RECRUIT offers a range of professional services which allows us to focus on your Staff (Human Resources) while you focus on your core business. This results in greater productivity and ultimately increased profitability.


Permanent Recruitment

Our Permanent Recruitment Solutions fully support all major industry sectors. We streamline our recruitment process (Selection, Screening, Testing and Placement) to suit the client’s needs and requirements. We also ensure we have a strong database of candidates and networking system – this allows us to provide clients with the best candidates at short notice. Client can be assured that we will only send you the top 3-5 applicants.



We have a large pre-screened talent database, which enables us to rapidly provide temps for long- and short-term assignments across many disciplines and departments. Our recruitment service offers flexi-staffing to South African industries and we continue to evolve our offerings in business demands. With our Flexible Staffing Solutions, you pay for productive time only.



Our outsourcing services are designed for organizations who wish to focus on their core business instead of managing their HR/Staffing function internally.We typically take responsibility of a section of your workforce – those employees who are not critical to your business or those that you do not always need. Many companies are in the situation where they need their workforce to be flexible because businesses go through “Ups and Downs”, and this is where we can help.


Payroll Administration

Outsource your Payroll Administration functions and ease the burden on the HR division. Not only is it more cost effective, it also frees HR personnel to ensure that their time can be utilized more productively.By letting Pats Recruit handle the Payroll Administration Functions, you also ensure that your company complies with the latest legislation regarding remuneration.